Bug hunting amongst the nettles.

Yesterday, we went bug-hunting amongst stinging nettles and other plants bordering a field behind Llandaff Cathedral. The weather was mainly overcast with occasional brief bursts of sunshine and a brisk breeze. These are just a few of the beasts that we spotted in an hour or two before succumbing to the desire for coffee and cake.

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4 responses to “Bug hunting amongst the nettles.”

  1. wannabearchitect says :

    you seem pretty dedicated, I would never hunt for bugs in the nettles

    • Prevaricat says :

      Not so much ‘dedicated’ as probably rather stupid. Still, I didn’t get stung and it was fun, spotting all these creatures, some of which I had never seen before. I led a small group of enthusiasts a couple of weekends ago and we went bug-hunting – it was so ridiculously exciting that I am now firmly hooked and looking a bit more closely into the flowers and leaves that I have walked past a thousand times! Thanks for dropping by again… Karen

  2. Barbara Brown says :


    I love your site, your unidentified bug in the nettles is named on the Howardian lnr website as a mirid bug.
    BBCT has a bee identification tool under ‘Which Bee’ but the eyes on your unidentified bee look similar to a hoverfly?

    • Prevaricat says :

      Thank you Barbara… I looked on the Howardian site, confirmed the Mirid Bug and also identified the Crab Spider 🙂 I must visit that reserve; it looks lovely. It seems likely that you are correct about the Hover Fly too, although quite which one it was I don’t know. Thanks for visiting. K

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