Bute Park in December

A cold, soggy day but not raining so I went for a walk in Bute Park. Apart from the trees and a few birds and squirrels, there was little sign of life … or so I thought. But, in reality, there were buds on the trees, bulbs pushing through the wet earth and some thriving plants such as butterbur and wild garlic. The Park never really sleeps.


2 responses to “Bute Park in December”

  1. Laura says :

    Hi Karen
    Saw the butterbur recently, never seen that one before! I’m happy to get that down to Winter heliotrope Petasites fragrans.
    Also, I was just wondering where you get your lichen id from? fantastic range of species in the pics!

    • Prevaricat says :

      Hi Laura

      Thank you 🙂

      The Friends of Bute Park organised a lichen expert to take us on a guided walk around The Park, identifying species as we went. I took loads of photos and then used notes from the walk plus some frantic Googling to put names to ‘faces’. The names were verified by the walk leader a few days later.

      I had never seen a butterbur either, until we spotted some in the Park. Very bizarre plant really.

      Hope you find the observations of some use; at least they are dated and all happened in one of two ‘map squares’ for the purposes of recording.

      Cheers, Karen

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