Spring has sprung in Bute Park!

Today a friend and I walked into Bute Park to photograph and monitor any wild flowers along the river path; we have decided to do this regularly to see how the woodland changes through the year and gauge the impact that Himalayan Balsam may have on other plants. The weather was the best so far this year and the birds were singing all over the place. When we weren’t looking down, we looked up and spotted a heron, two goldfinches, two siskins, two chaffinches, some long-tailed tits and a sweet little goldcrest. As for the flowers, they are beginning to show, particularly the crocuses and daffodils of course, but also the wild garlic, celandines and dog’s mercury. The bees were out in force too, collecting pollen amongst the crocuses whilst the sun shone.


2 responses to “Spring has sprung in Bute Park!”

  1. Barbara Meredith says :

    Woohoo Karen – what wonderful photos. Bute Park is trul a beaut and your records of the changing year are just great. Take care! Barbara

    • Prevaricat says :

      Thanks … the Park is a beautiful place indeed; I’ve been spending more time there than doing my family history stuff lately, but I am enjoying being a ‘Friend’ 🙂 Speaking of which, I have half written you an email; will finish and ‘post’ tomorrow. K

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