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Garden Bioblitz 1st June 2014

We decided to take part in the Garden BioBlitz this weekend and so, on Sunday afternoon with camera in hand, we took a two hour jaunt around the garden to see what we could see. Aside from all the usual birds that chomp away on the feeders, we spotted quite a few other garden visitors; most are welcome but a couple perhaps not so much if you are trying to grow vegetables! Here are a few of the sightings… hope I have the Latin names right!


Brecon Beacons National Park

For us from Cardiff, a Bank Holiday out in the Brecon Beacons meant a train ride to Merthyr Tydfil and two bus journeys but it was a pleasant enough trip. When we arrived at the Information Centre the place was crowded with visitors and the Summer Fayre was in full swing; the stalls distracted us from taking our first walk for a while. In the centre’s secluded garden, where we ate our lunch, there was a herb bed and, amongst the flowering marjoram, fluffy little carder bees, red-tailed and buff or white-tailed bumblebees. Once we set to walk out amongst the bracken and heather we soon saw a few birds and more insects, especially on the thistle flowers. The nearest hills, a gentle three mile stroll from the Centre, were populated with sheep sheltering from the sun under trees and bushes. At the top we enjoyed the stunning views and a quick breather before walking back down to the Centre for a cup of tea and then the bus back.

to Brecon.

Bute Park Bug Hunt June 2012

Today I went on a walk through Bute Park, looking for butterflies and bugs preparatory to a full blown ramble tomorrow, weather permitting. In my ignorance, a bee is usually ‘a bee’ and a fly is quite often ‘a fly’ so I haven’t identified all the species as yet, but I will, given time. Not surprisingly, most of the flying insects were seen drinking nectar on the colourful, cultivated flower beds within the formal area of the Park. But, in the Arboretum, I saw beetles and grubs hiding in the leaf litter and rotten tree stumps whilst the damsel flies were flitting amongst the wild flowers alongside the rapidly flowing Feeder. Bute Park is like a giant wildlife-friendly garden with its sunny flower beds, shaded areas and fresh water; different environments that provide ideal conditions for a great variety of insects.

Mystery bee?

In Bute Park yesterday, I was photographing damsel flies by the feeder when I spotted this bee sitting quietly on a leaf. If anyone can identify the species I’d be very pleased to hear from them.

UPDATE… It seems probable that this is a Hover Fly, a species that frequently mimics bees and wasps. I cannot identify it further at the moment.

Queen Bumblebee

Queen Bumblebee (Bombus spp). May 2012

This bee was lying on her back in a shady area of Bute Park. Assuming that she was too cold to fly, we moved her into the sunshine and watched as she recovered her energy by ‘shivering’. She walked about and cleaned her legs and wings, so we left her to go about her business.

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