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Garden Bioblitz 1st June 2014

We decided to take part in the Garden BioBlitz this weekend and so, on Sunday afternoon with camera in hand, we took a two hour jaunt around the garden to see what we could see. Aside from all the usual birds that chomp away on the feeders, we spotted quite a few other garden visitors; most are welcome but a couple perhaps not so much if you are trying to grow vegetables! Here are a few of the sightings… hope I have the Latin names right!


Flying beauties of Bute Park

Poplar Hawk-moth (Laothoe populi)

Yesterday I had a very enjoyable morning watching George from Butterfly Conservation open three moth traps set the night before in Bute Park. This Poplar Hawk-moth sat obligingly on my hand whilst I took a photo. These are some more of the many beauties that I saw…

Swallow-tailed moth

Not a great shot but taken in the doorway one evening at the beginning of August. This is a Swallow-tailed Moth (Ourapteryx sambucaria) which, whilst not rare, is not often seen as it has such a short season and, like many moths, is more active at night.

Swallow-tailed moth.

Lime Hawk Moth caterpillar

Lime Hawk Moth caterpillar (Mimas tiliae)

Full length view of Lime Hawk Moth caterpillar. September 2008

I spotted this beauty on an olive tree in my garden one late summer. I have never seen the adult moth but it looks stunning in pictures.

The Mint and Silver Y moths

Two quite pretty moths I saw in the back garden last year. Difficult to photograph well without a macro lens or tripod but at least I saw them clearly 🙂

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